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Online dashboard

You do not need to install anything and after you have logged in, you have direct access to the online dashboard where you can manage your Trust Guard subscription. You can easily add domains and / or IP addresses and set the scan time. You can determine yourself when your scan will take place. Extensive possibilities with regards to setting user permissions, so you can arrange that each department has its own responsibilities. And of course extensive information about the security vulnerabilities found.

Up to date

Trust Guard works with scanning partner Clone Systems who is approved by the PCI council. This scanning vendor ensures that their scans are up-to-date and meet the latest requirements to detect the latest hacker threats worldwide. Therefore the scans ensure optimum safety.

Self assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

If a PCI level 2, 3 or 4 is sufficient for you, the PCI obligation can be fully completed by completing the SAQ that is also available within our Trust Guard dashboard. It is all very easy!

Multiple report standards

It is not necessary to switch between vulnerability scan providers, because Trust Guard offers 6 reporting standards to choose from. In addition to the PCI DSS report, we also offer HIPAA, SOX, OWASP, ISO27001 & GDPR.

Scan frequency

You can choose multiple scan frequencies. Trust Guard offers the possibility to scan your websites and / or IP addresses daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly for more than 75,000 threats with the most up-to-date knowledge. With these scan results you are always aware of your safety. Of course, the more frequently you scan, the better you can protect yourself against threats.

Trust Guard seal

You want to prove to your customers that you take safety seriously. This can be done by placing a Trust Guard seal on your website. If your website is found to be safe by the scan, the seal can be displayed, so your customers see that you are doing everything possible to secure your website as well as possible.

News and new releases

We are constantly improving our product, with new functionalities, new features and bugs that have been resolved. You will be kept informed by us of the latest news and new releases.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We would like to answer our customer's questions as quickly as possible. The most frequently asked questions and answers have been added to Trust Guard for support. Of course this is in addition to our support by phone or by e-mail.

Customer overview for resellers & acquirers

Resellers and acquirers have the option to see an overview of the vulnerability scans of their customers so that they are immediately informed and can take the necessary action.

Malware scan

In addition to the vulnerability scan, we also thought it was important to add a malware scan to our dashboard. An additional scan so you can ensure that your website remains safe.

Trust Guard Security Scanned